About Venueseating

On Venueseating.dk you will find Scandinavia’s best selection of chairs and seating concepts for cinemas, theaters, sports arenas, stadiums, waiting rooms, educational establishments, etc.

Since 1996, we have specialized in selling chairs for both private customers and for professional use.


If you represent a cinema, theater, sports association, institution or company that needs a larger and tailor-made solution, then you will find a large part of our selection here on the page. You are always welcome to Contact us to hear more about products and services.

If you are a private person or a smaller company, then visit our shop www.cinemaseats.com

Our History:

Venueseating.dk was established in Odense, Denmark in 1996 (Under the name of Biografstole Kompagniet). The intention back then was to reuse cinema seats, which were in a good condition but often discarded when a cinema underwent restoration or was shut down.

In 2006, a new era began, in which sales of new cinema, theater and stadium chairs were launched. In 2014, we expanded the product catalog to include chairs for sports arenas, waiting rooms, universities etc.

Today you will find, what we ourselves think is Scandinavia’s best selection of chairs and seatings concepts, on this page.